The Woman from Malibu
12 minutes black and white 1976


The first in a series of six tapes about a woman who lives in Southern
California and talks about her life and the lifestyle of Los Angeles,
which she documents through obsessive detail. This tape recounts the death of her husband in the Himalayas.

The Woman From Malibu is the first of a series of six tapes produced in Los Angeles. Since the series is as much a portrait of the eccentric lifestyle of Los Angeles as it is of The Woman From Malibu, our introduction to her story of her husband’s death in the Himalayas is cross cut with images and vignettes of people and events texturing her life in Southern California. This non-linear narrative style is used throughout the series.” (“Colin Campbell Media Works” catalogue published by Winnipeg Art Gallery)

Cast: Colin Campbell, Lisa Steele.

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