The Temperature in Lima - Script

Title: The Temperature in Lima
Image: back of bowling shirt (with text on it: Crest Trophies, Quality Product of A Jewelers Art, Lomonaco’s 2904 Alum Rock Ave E)
“It was a gradual thing. I would stand in the bathroom every morning longing to throw away the eye shadow, the mascara, the hair spray, the tweezers, the perfume. I began to imagine a great bonfire of all my frilly dresses and blouses, ribbons and bows. I practically starved myself to stop my muscles from growing and bulging. The burning stench of hair removers began to nauseate me. I was tired of shaving and searing my chin with astringents to close the pores and plastering it with pancake make-up to hide the five o’clock shadow.

(He turns around, the shirt is open revealing his chest, one hand is on chest,. zoom in to hand on chest slowly scratching/stroking, then pan down to navel where a pair of metal hands clasp)
“One night I went down to the local McDonald’s alone. Just to get a hamburger and I suddenly found I couldn’t get out of the car. I was terrified of being called sir again. The fear just paralyzed me. I knew I needed help.”

Image: still photo: Colin Campbell and Lisa Steele in car, both faces in heavy shadow
“Well then you tell me baby just what is it. It had a double mastectomy, it’s taking male hormones and it can grow a beard but does it have the other male equipment? Can it produce sperm or does it still have a clitoris? How I ask you can we have him or her or whatever it is teaching kids? What toilet do I send her into? I mean, would you want your little girl in the powder room with it?”

Image: Colin in drag close-up in dark glasses
“The temperature in Lima at seven am was 64 degrees. It was cloudy. I’ve been back in Malibu for two months, things have changed for me. My life is very different now. (cat) Oh, my physical surroundings are the same, my poinsettia bush did especially well this year. I phoned a friend this morning to see if she wants to go to the Westwood premiere of Barbara Streisand’s new movie A Star is Born and watch the celebrities arrive. It should be very pretty because they’re all going to wear white. She was asleep when I phoned. I couldn’t help but notice that her voice was so relaxed even though she had just been awakened, she was still half asleep but she sounded secure and at ease. That has always been a basic difference between she and I. I just requested to have my phone changed to an unlisted number, I’ve had so many calls about my husband’s death in the Himalayas. His name was published in the Times so people started looking the number up in the book. Not all of the calls have been kind. One man in particular, he has a very distinct voice, has phoned three times saying he would like to have sex with me because I must really need it now that my husband is dead. After his call this morning I decided to get an unlisted number, it will be changed by six pm on Friday. (cam zooms out from behind Venetian blinds) The police say they can’t do anything about things like that. They say people like that aren’t really dangerous.