Shango Botanica
45 minutes black and white 1977


The Woman from Malibu watches the parade from her friend's RV.

The unofficial sixth part of the Woman from Malibu series, though not included in the set of five which preceded it. It is longer by far, and features a largely improvised performance by Colin Campbell and Lisa Steele, remarking on an (unseen) Rose Bowl parade. Low voltage camp in a white trash trailer (also unseen, but much remarked upon) unfolds in “real time”in a single extended shot. This episode is framed by Yrene Asale-Brewster’s double recounting of an earthquake, she tells the same story twice, and owing to the unreliability of witness and memory, small details are changed from one telling to another. A monologue from the woman from Malibu follows in which she imagines her death at the hands of a stranger, an accidental death which is a hallmark of all the tapes in this series.

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