30 minutes black and white 1974


A tense, compelling, suggestive work; the camera probing into darkened windows as voice-over whispers recall personal vignettes.

Secrets was part of a suite of tapes produced while Campbell took up residence in a New York loft. Inspired by its architecture, he began to recast it into narrative, playing all of the parts himself. In I’m a Voyeur he spies on himself, in Hindsight he produces a figure against the ground of other’s stories, while in Secrets he produces a small proscenium space with curtains opening and closing the action. He opens the curtain, then walks into the space through another hallway, performs a simple action, sometimes just entering the space, or looking back towards the camera, and then leaving it, then closing the curtain again. Secrets plays with the viewer’s desire to know the subject, with the video screen as confessional portal, and the staging of subjectivity.

Cast: Colin Campbell.

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