Sackville, I’m Yours - Script

Colin Campbell (profile, close-up face)

No, no I couldn’t do any more interviews today. No, I can’t see my way clear. Right. Well sorry but not today. Yeah, fine, we’ll be in touch. Yes. OK. Oh, uh, now what was it you wanted to know? My name? I thought everybody knew. My name is Art Star. Art Star. Yes, uh Sackville living and working in Sackville. Well Sackville is a… it’s a great little town, it’s really a… Sackville is a living and working… it’s a great town… just a great little town. What does one do? Well, many things, uh I well I can say frankly that there’s nothing I haven’t done or seen in this town. For instance, well I’ve been to the dump. It’s a great dump. It’s a great little dump. It’s probably one of the best dumps. Yeah, I’ve spent a lot of time up there. Oh yeah. It’s a great…

Other things? I’ve had tuna fish casserole at the president’s house, the president, the president of the university. Well, we minority groups, you know, we minority groups get together spend evenings together talking. By minority I mean I am the only art star in Sackville. You can check that. Well you can check the phone book. I’m the only one listed in the phone book and it won’t take you long to check. The reason I say that is my wife during the last election, I think it was the provincial election, she was phoning all the people from N to Z, you know, half an hour vote NDP, half an hour. It wouldn’t take you long to check.

Well minority friends mostly are my best friends. Art Gallery is a dear friend. Art, he’s the custodian of the Owens Art Gallery. Yes Art and I are friends, we talk. Other minorities. My very very good friend Linda Cretini. She’s a racial minority, we can’t all be celebrities in that sense but our common thing, our friendship, she’s Italian, I’m not really sure that she is Italian but she’s married to one though. There’s not many in Sackville, I don’t think there’s any others. Yes, yes she’s very interested in my work of course, everyone in Sackville is, I have a tremendous response almost down to the last child on my work to my work tremendous, it’s very very gratifying. It’s one thing that keeps me here, is this, you know, go to it Art Star attitude, everyone waits for my latest work almost breathlessly it’s very difficult to leave Sackville they don’t like to see me take trips out they’re afraid they’ll lose me actually I guess you know, but it’s a wonderful environment. Very warm, yes. Yeah.

Am I known? Yes of course I’m known outside. I have many close friends in the art scene all across Canada right from Cornerbrook, Newfoundland to out west thee, Montreal, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Vancouver and right down the west coast to the States of course, California, Los Angeles, oh, oh yes I I know Annie, a really dear sweet girl Annie. Annie Brodsky and I of course we’ve known each other for some time ridden at least I would say ten floors on an elevator in Halifax. How much more can you say? Of course we’re very good friends and yes oh, very soundly. Dorothy? Yes Dorothy and I have known each other for decades, she’s a winner and you know she really knows how to pick them too. Infallible. Oh we met in 1966, this is 1972, we’ve known each other for a considerable time, she’s been a guest in my home on different occasions yes. Very very kind, generous warm women yes, Dorothy.

And Art Bank of course is a good friend of mine. Well he used to live in Sackville I can’t, no I don’t know why he would want to leave. Yes it is puzzling. I can’t think what would lure you out of this place, this wonderful, wonderful town. It’s true uh, yes, well of course sure being Art Star in Sackville I do get special treatment. Well I can park my car almost anywhere on campus for short periods, anywhere in town on the chief of police here, no I wouldn’t say I get special privileges in terms of parking in Sackville. I wouldn’t take advantage of my position that way.

No, no I’ve never done that in Sackville, I don’t think they allow that. Well you see there is no place really to drink, I mean well you can’t really just out and buy a drink, you have to go out and buy and drink and dinner at the Marchman’s, say at the Marchman’s Inn, well it’s just famous. It’s probably just as well known as I am across Canada, North America probably. Yes it’s very very nice. It’s warm and friendly and wonderful. It reflects very much the spirit of this town yes. Great food, yeah. Quite nice drinks, no you can’t do that, well it’s frowned on. I can understand it in a sense, I suppose if you lived in Toronto no one would think too much about it but they do here. Yes it is unfortunate isn’t it?

Oh yes, yes well I do have, I have to leave, I don’t have a watch do I? I can tell time. You can tell time instinctively because of well it’s so quiet and such a nice, slow pace that when you’re moving and doing things you can just sense what time it is. There’s a timeless quality here, the countryside, the ocean, goodness it’s just so timeless. Time just goes by in Sackville. It’s wonderful. Well yes I have enjoyed doing this too. Oh yes sure, anytime. Anytime. Sackville is my home. Sackville, what can I say? I’m yours.