Real Split
15 minutes black and white 1972

The real image is altered to match the photographed image on a split screen.

“Colin Campbell in his video, Real Split, 1972, literally cuts his self-image in half, contrasting the right side of his live face to a matching-size still photo of his left-side, subjecting his live face to a series of comparative transformations. At first his real face, in real time, whimsically mocks the deadness of his photo face. Next, Campbell paints his live face until it closely resembles the blanched tonalities of the photo. Finally he overlays his now white face with grotesque (clownish, tribal) markings, out-masking the photo, so to speak, superseding it temporally. It is as if the literal time, with which Campbell’s video set out, soon fast-forwards, speeding us, depending on our interpretation, either through the successive three ages of man, or through a more dreadful metaphoric descent from innocence into Grayian depravity.” (from facelift: Portraits Rejuvenated, writer Roald Nasgaard, Organized by Kitchener-Waterloo Gallery)

Cast: Colin Campbell.

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