22 minutes black and white 1975


Hindsight was produced in New York City. Hindsight employs texts by Peggy Gale, Tom Sherman, and Colin Campbell which discuss
"second sight" experiences by the use of short stories, archaeological
documentation and personal revelations. The texts are accompanied
by visuals composed and framed through windows that look into
interiors, or windows framing other windows, that serve to enhance the discussion of the intangible, the invisible "felt" presence.

An autobiographical piece, investigating disturbing evidence of the
supernatural and interactions with friends and/or forces.

Hindsight brings together writings by Tom Sherman, Peggy Gale and the artist himself to discuss “second sight” experiences through stories and personal revelation. Campbell speaks in voice-over to accompany views through (framed by) glassed windows; the luminous black and white images and quiet, thoughtful voice work together to evoke a sense of the intangible, an invisible “felt” presence in the artist’s life. In this early tape shot in New York, Campbell himself is the only figure appearing on screen.” (Peggy Gale, Invention Catalogue, Art Metropole, 1993)

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