Culver City Limits - Script

I had just been to the Pick n Save to get some artificial ferns for the study. I was waiting for the light on the Lincoln Blvd entrance to the Santa Monica Freeway. I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed this man in the car behind me writing down something on a piece of paper. It gave me a funny feeling because I think he was copying down my license number. The light turned green and I got into the fast lane. A few minutes later, near the La Cienega exit, I heard a car honking persistently to my right. I looked over and it was the same man that I had noticed earlier. He was looking at me and only occasionally watching where he was going on the freeway. When he seemed satisfied that I had noticed him, he cut across three lanes of traffic and got off at the next exit.

This pain is so noisy. Valium. I want—I am really hurt that you are doing this to me. It’s so unfair. Do you see the poinsettias there, in Barbra Streisand’s hair, behind her head? I think she looks so beautiful. The lights are hurting the insides of my eyes. Everyone is dressed in snow white for the premiere. I don’t understand why. The noise is hurting my eyes. Perhaps it is an avalanche. Oh, he is turning over now. Over now, so slowly. He is upside down now. It will hurt his head when it is crushed against the glacier. I can hear the ice crushing inside my head now. It is turning red with your blood, poinsettia red. Why are you doing this to me? Wait, I need a minute. What is that you put in my eyes? So soft, sticky. Oh, it’s mine. Oh, no, please, not again. It hurts my eyes too much. The freeway smells burnt and soft. I think this is really unfair. I’m dead.

The San Gabriel Mountains were visible all the way from Santa Monica this morning as I turned off the Pacific Coast Highway and headed east. The traffic wasn’t too heavy. My window was down and the sun was very warm on my arm. I turned right onto the San Diego southbound. The San Diego freeway was much more crowded. It is always crowded. I was going to the new Fox Hills shopping mall. I edged over to the outside lane. Suddenly, he was very close to my right. Too close. I braked, and was forced on to the shoulder. And he still came closer. And as I stopped, he pulled in front me and stopped, leapt out of the car, and ran back to me. He has something in his hand. I look up at the sign beside the road. Culver City limits. He shot me twice. I did not know him. The police have not been able to establish a motive. I was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.